Speech & Language Therapy (SLT)

The Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) Department at the Learning Resource Center (LRC),

Welcome to the Speech & Language Therapy Department at the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

Our department offers a range of services including individual and group therapy sessions tailored to develop communication skills. We focus on addressing speech, language, voice, and fluency difficulties.

We specialize in auditory training and rehabilitation for children with hearing impairments and cochlear implants.

Additionally, we provide customized parent training programs designed to empower caregivers in effectively supporting their children’s communication needs.

Our interventions include oral motor techniques utilizing OPT, Beckman, SOS, and PROMPT approaches to address muscle-based disorders and selective eating challenges.

Mild, moderate, and severe language and memory-based learning difficulties

Speech intelligibility issues resulting from phonological and articulatory errors

Muscle-based speech and feeding challenges utilizing diverse oral motor approaches such as PROMPT, SOS, Beckman, and OPTa.

Voice disorders

Cleft lip and palate

Hearing impairments and cochlear implants

Speech dysfluency (stuttering and cluttering)

Developmental language disorders

Selective eating and feeding difficulties