Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for your interest in the LRC services. Our goal is to provide high-quality services beneficial to the children and their families and to collaborate with other professionals.  We take into consideration your child’s therapeutic benefit – as a priority – and the tight schedule the LRC staff members have, in addition, to the waiting list, we are hereby re-stating our Services’ Policy.

Kindly sign this form as an acknowledgment of being informed of the LRC Services’ Policy so that we can commence with your child’s assessment or therapy. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

LRC Management  

Accepting Set Charges

Please note that the LRC charges reflect the time and effort spent by our Specialists in planning, documenting, and following up on assessments and therapies, as well as the time directly spent with the child. Therefore, the LRC Services’ Charges are set and cannot be reconsidered.  Carefully review all charges and ask the Accounts Dept. for clarifications if needed, before services are initiated, to avoid any awkward situations.

Payment Schedule

All charges MUST be paid in advance as services are scheduled with specialists. Payments are accepted in cash, by check, or via Visa Cards but with an extra charge of 1.5%. Feel free to contact the Accounts. for clarifications, if needed.

Parents’ Intake Meetings

All intake meeting charges are inclusive of a brief report with recommendations, as well as a feedback session with the Assessor(s).


All assessment charges are inclusive of a comprehensive report with recommendations, as well as a feedback session with the Assessor(s).


All testing charges are inclusive of a report with recommendations concerning the child’s present needs, as well as a feedback session with the Assessor(s).


All screening charges are inclusive of a brief one-page report with recommendations for services, as well as a feedback session with Assessor(s).


All therapy sessions are 45 minutes’ of direct contact with the child. Therapy schedules are regarded as a contract for the specialist’s time.


A child has to attend at least 75% of his/her scheduled sessions per month. Otherwise, progress cannot be guaranteed and the services will stop after notifying parents.

Drop in/ Departure

The children must arrive on time and are collected promptly after each session. Parents/Guardians/escorts need to wait with the child until picked up by the specialist, and children cannot be dropped at the Main Gate or left unattended to in the Reception Area. Please note that we do not provide supervision of the child outside the assessment and/or therapy time. Such extra time will be charged for as a therapy session(s).


Packages for therapy sessions are only offered within 8-week periods and are paid in advance and should be used within the paid-for period for parents to enjoy the discounted rate. 

Missing Appointments / No Show

Scheduled sessions are entered on the information system, and are later marked as “completed,” “canceled,” or “no show.”  Cancellations should be made before 2:30 pm of the day before at the latest to be treated as “canceled.” Appointments missed without prior notice will be charged at half of the session’s rate and marked as “no-show” on the system.

Cancellations for Multi-Disciplinary Services

Parents of children receiving multi-disciplinary services need to call the LRC Front Desk and specify ALL canceled sessions. Canceling one session does not mean automatically canceling ALL other sessions. If this happens, the other sessions will be considered “no show.”


Parents may take time from their child’s session to discuss related issues or recommendations with the specialist but cannot exceed the session’s time because specialists usually have back-to-back work schedules. Should parents need a lengthy discussion, they need to schedule a charged parent consultation session.

Resolving Conflicts

If parents are experiencing any conflicts, they may schedule an appointment with the Head of Department, and, if not resolved, they can ask to make an appointment with the Managing Director.  LRC Front Office will facilitate communication with the concerned Head/Coordinator or Management, but they are not responsible for communicating on parents’ behalf to resolve any conflicts.

Parents Stopping Services

Parents/Guardians should notify the child’s Case Manager a week ahead if they will stop services. If services are stopped abruptly, parents will lose a full therapy week’s charges. If parents have duly notified LRC, they will get refunded the unused portion of the package within 2 working days if they show the original receipt otherwise the money will be transferred the following month through our bank. Broken packages mean those sessions will be charged at the typical rate not the discounted rate.

 Right to Refuse or Discontinue Services

LRC Specialists’ interpretations, recommendations, and therapies are partially based on the history and information that parents provide. If information about the child’s medical or educational history, interventions, and needs are withheld, altered, or omitted, LRC reserves the right to stop services. 

Services may also be refused or discontinued due to non-payment, poor attendance, or in case of parents/guardians using foul language and/or threats, or being uncooperative, and also if staff feels that we cannot provide appropriate services to ensure the child’s progress.

We believe all these rules are for your child’s own benefit. If you have any questions regarding these rules or any other matter related to it, please discuss them with the Operation Officer, and the front desk will arrange for this appointment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. It is really highly appreciated.


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