The Egyptian Society for Developing Skills of Children with Special Needs – “ADVANCE”

ADVANCE aims to provide persons with special needs with a wide range of life-span remedial, educational, vocational, and rehabilitation services necessary for them to proceed towards independence and better integration within the community.

ADVANCE started as a diagnostic nursery unit under the LRC in 1997, and later the parents got together and established ADVANCE as an NGO in 1998 as the Egyptian Society for Developing Skills of Children with Special Needs. LRC continues to clinically assist ADVANCE.

The British University of Egypt: Faculty of Arts & Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is the gateway for capacity building and humanistic studies, opening a wide range of opportunities for its graduates. It aims to develop students’ full potential to face the challenges of today’s world.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed and renewed between the LRC and BUE/A&H with the aim of

The Advanced Learning Company

Advanced Learning Company is committed to making quality education an economically sensible choice, upholding the values that unite families and create a cohesive learning community.

LRC and ALC collaborate through the sharing of technical knowledge for training and educational consultation services; and the cooperation in training and educational consultation.

Sawiris Foundation

an Egyptian charity organization linked with the Sawiris Family established in 2001 and a prominent institution of economic and social aid in Egypt.

A contract was signed between the LRC and the Sawiris Foundation in 2007 to support inclusion in schools.