The Intensive Learning Coach Course

provides a thorough examination of effective learning strategies, focusing on fundamental principles including cognitive skills, language development, sensory-motor skills, and social-emotional learning. Participants learn how to plan and deliver impactful learning experiences, enhance reading, writing, and mathematics skills, and foster overall academic development. The ILCC aims to equip learning coaches with a holistic understanding of diverse learning needs, enabling them to facilitate successful educational journeys for their students effectively.


The Course

is designed for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) dedicated to supporting vulnerable students in schools. It equips SENCOs with the knowledge to understand students’ unique needs, implement intervention programs, and collaborate with colleagues to provide optimal support. By emphasizing a deep understanding of special educational needs and encouraging collaborative practices, the SENCO Course empowers participants to create inclusive environments that prioritize the well-being and academic progress of all students in their care.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Course

offers a comprehensive exploration of Autism Spectrum Disorder, covering key components such as Introduction to ASD, evidence-based Interventions, specialized Rehabilitation Programs, strategies for Inclusive Education, essential Family Counseling services, and the vital aspect of integrating all facets. This course delves into the multifaceted nature of ASD, equipping participants with a deep understanding of the disorder, effective intervention techniques, crucial rehabilitation approaches, inclusive education practices, and the significance of familial support.