Welcome to the Cognitive, Social, and Emotional (CSE) Development Department at the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

Our department is dedicated to promoting holistic growth and well-being in children across three essential domains: cognitive, social, and emotional.

In the cognitive domain, we focus on enhancing thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and academic preparedness through personalized interventions. We identify cognitive strengths and areas needing improvement to provide targeted support for children’s progress.

Within the social sphere, we prioritize fostering healthy relationships, effective communication skills, and social competencies. Through engaging group sessions, we empower children to navigate social interactions confidently and establish meaningful connections with their peers.

Regarding the emotional domain, we emphasize emotional well-being, self-awareness, and regulation skills. Through individual and group therapy sessions, we guide children in exploring and managing their emotions, developing coping strategies, and building resilience.Our CSE Department employs various engaging methodologies to facilitate comprehensive growth in children.

Our team delivers personalized assessments and interventions tailored to meet each child’s unique needs during individual sessions. Group sessions provide platforms for social engagement and cooperative skill-building within a nurturing environment.

Moreover, our innovative drama and play-based activities offer creative outlets for self-expression, exploration, and emotional understanding.


In our structured environment, children benefit from unwavering guidance and support from experienced professionals who prioritize their holistic development and well-being. Each child receives personalized attention and resources crucial for cognitive, social, and emotional advancement.