Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in LRC Services.

Kindly find below the required documents for LRC registration file:

  • Child’s Birth Certificate if Egyptian, or passport for foreigners,
  • Father’s National ID (both sides),
  • Mother’s National ID (both sides),
  • LRC Services & Charges List signed in approval,
  • Payment of the amount LE800 or US$65 for non Egyptians.

Please note that the above ite ms are MANDATORY to complete your child’s registration process.

Thank you and best regards,

LRC Management

1 Step 1

Assessment Services Application Form

Age: 6-11 years old

Personal Data:
Family Background:
Office use only:
Medical History:
1. How long was the pregnancy pre-mature or full-term
2. What kind of Delivery?
3. Were there any problems during or straight after birth?pick one!
4. Did the child need an incubator needed after delivery?pick one!
5. Was the child breastfed as a baby?pick one!
6. Was the child hospitalized before?pick one!
7. Does the child have any current health concerns?pick one!
Following is a checklist of the early accomplishments of children. Please put an X next to each item under the column giving the age at which this “milestone” first occurred. If there are items the child still cannot do, please check “Not Yet Able”.
0-3 months4-6 months7-12 months13-18 months19-24 months2-3 years3-4 years4 -5 years5-6 yearsNot yet Able
Sat up without help
First dentition (first tooth)
Walked alone (10-15 steps)
Walked upstairs
Rode a tricycle
Caught a big ball
Spoke first words (Mama, Dada, etc.)
Put words together (Daddy bye-bye, Mama home, etc.)
Spoke 2-3 word sentences
Spoke clearly so strangers understood
Used fingers to feed self
Used a spoon
Fully bowel trained
Fully bladder trained
Able to dress self
Able to tie shoelaces
Able to separate easily from mother
(For school, play, etc.)
Please list languages and specify which is the family’s first, second, and third language:
Educational History:
* Attach or bring copies of school progress reports to the initial interview meeting
Schooling Information:
– Has your child ever received special services at school?
– Has your child ever repeated a grade in school?
– Has your child ever been suspended or expelled?
– Does your child persistently refuse to go to school?
Previous Assessments:
Has your child ever had an assessment of or therapy for:
Neurological Function
* Attach or bring copies of previous assessment or therapy reports to the initial meeting