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Assessments Services

Assessments FAQ

Deciding to have your child evaluated for learning and/or attention issues is an important step. You may have questions about the process. Here are some frequently asked questions about evaluations.

What are the benefits of getting my child evaluated?

The evaluation process can provide more information about the specific issues that are causing your child’s difficulty with learning. It’s also a way to see if your child is needs therapy services.

Who does the evaluation?

A team of professionals performs the evaluation. Each member of the team has special knowledge and training in the area that’s being assessed. For example, a speech-language therapist has specialized training in language issues. A psychologist is trained in administering educational testing. The team works together to look at all of your child’s skills.

What happens during an evaluation?

The evaluation process involves more than just giving your child a test. It looks at your child’s overall development and performance in nursery/school. This may also include observing your child in the classroom. It also involves looking at medical records, school records, and speaking with your child’s teachers.

What does the evaluation cover?

Usually, an evaluation has to get information about all the areas of “suspected disability.” This means it has to cover all areas in which your child is thought to be having difficulty. These may include health and development, vision, hearing, motor skills, language, self-help skills, academic performance and social-emotional health.

Can the nursery/school give or receive information about my child from the LRC?

The school must get your consent before receiving any information about your child’s evaluation and/or therapy at LRC. You will have to have filled an authorization form, which gives this permission. It is the best interest of your child that you cooperate with the child’s nursery/school in the evaluation process and later if he/she receives therapy services.

How long does the evaluation process take at the LRC?

The Evaluation Process at the LRC takes about 30 workings days from the time the Application Form is received, Intake Meeting conducted, evaluation plan set and agreed on with parents, testing completed, and evaluation report issued, unless your child needs more than one testing.

What happens with the evaluation results?

The results of your child’s evaluation will be used to see if your child needs special therapy services. If your child is eligible, the therapeutic team involved will write a Care Plan to meet your child’s needs.

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