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Apply For An Assessment

n assessment entails collaboration between parents and the LRC staff, by sharing information about all aspects of their child’s life, including, development in the physical, social, emotional, academic, and cognitive areas. The information collected will help to answer the questions and concerns posed by parents and school.

An assessment begins with an application form and subsequent interview with parents as well as a review of past testing and assessments, questionnaires and checklists, school reports and work samples. Then the need for direct testing and observations of a child’s behaviour are decided on.

The goal of assessment is to identify the significant factors behind the concerns posed by parents in order to answer their questions.

At times only background information and one test will be needed, at other times many specialists are involved.

At all times we collaborate in a plan to balance what is needed with what parents want to undertake and we advocate for the best interests of each child.

Steps of an Assessment


Step 1: Application

Upon their show of interest, parents receive an Application Package relevant to the child's age, and consisting of a questionnaire and forms to gather background and diagnostic information. Parents should complete the questionnaire and attach relevant forms and/or reports and return them to the LRC in order to be given an appointment.


Step 2: Parents’ Intake Meeting

Applications are presented to the Head of Assessment and assigned to a LRC specialist. The LRC Assessment Services’ Administrator contacts the parents to schedule an intake meeting. With the parents' help and information provided, the LRC specialist determines the specific areas in which the child is experiencing difficulties. The Clinical Committee discusses the information gathered from the intake meeting and the child is then referred for:
1. Assessments
2. Medical &/or Para- Medical consultation, or
3. Specialized Services.
4. Parents receive a written Intake Report with our recommendations.


Step 3: Assessments

In agreement with the parents/guardians, The LRC specialist(s) schedule an assessment for the child after which the child may be referred to:
1. Further assessment(s),
2. Specialized services, or
3. Be discharged, according to the specialist(s) findings.
All Assessments culminate with Parent Conference Meeting to discuss the findings and recommendations, which are all presented in the written Assessment Report.


Step 4: Specialized Services / Consultations or Outside Referrals

If it is decided and agreed between the parents and the specialists, the child may be referred to specialized services or consultation in one or more areas at the LRC.
If we are not able to assist, we will attempt to provide other suggestions or referrals. We can refer parents to consultant physicians whom we have found to be sensitive to the needs of children who have a wide range of learning difficulties. This approach allows for integrated therapy efforts for children and families.


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