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We are glad to announce that enrollment is now open again for Cohort 5 for the Institute of Education, University College London – Cairo program (more details), offering a Masters degree in Special and Inclusive Education. This program has been offered in Egypt since September 2007 and has more than 40 graduates to date.


Most of this program’s graduates have leading positions in Egyptian schools and some are running their own schools, nurseries or educational centres. ALL graduates are advocates for inclusive education and are aware of its role in Education Reform. A few of the graduates have proceeded with further studies, pursuing a Ed.D. degree.


UCL Institute of Education (ranked #1 in the world in Education according to the QS World University Rankings (Ranking Preview) is considered one of the world’s most recognized source of awards in the field of Education and accredited worldwide.



The UCL Institute of Education MA in Special & Inclusive Education (Cairo) enables students to develop theoretical understanding, alongside practical ability, of a variety of education disciplines at all levels of the educational structure. The MA is ideal for anyone wanting to broaden their understanding of education as a whole, or those seeking to work as special educators in a variety of settings and at different levels of responsibility depending on the individual.


The Program aims to develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of a range of key concepts and selected issues addressed in the academic and professional literature.
  • Knowledge and understanding of a range of theoretical perspectives and their relationships to practice.
  • The ability to analyze, evaluate evidence, theory and practice.
  • Capacity for critical self-reflection
  • Independent learning
  • Application of conceptual and theoretical frameworks to an understanding of professional policy and practice.

The MA comprises a variety of modules, each designed to ensure the student’s ability to understand and apply the principles and practice of a wide range of key education areas. Although each module is self-contained, a clear progression route can be followed enabling students to build upon the knowledge gained at each stage.

The available modules allow students to follow their special interests. The Programme is appropriate for teachers and other professionals working in special schools, in resource rooms within schools and in inclusive settings. It will also be of benefit to administrators whether in schools, NGOs or government settings. The course prepares graduates to work as special educators in a variety of settings and at different levels of responsibility depending on the individual.

The UCL Institute of Education lecturers teach each face-to-face module at the Learning Resource Center in Cairo and the modules are also supported by pre-teaching information on Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment, and pre-teaching reading and tasks.

  • University Degree (at least a BA degree in any branch)
  • Proof of proficiency in English (Minimum score of 7.0 in academic IELTS)
  • Application Form
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Copy of Personal ID or Passport
  • 2 Passport-size Photos
  • C.V.
  • The Masters Degree requires two of part time studies, during which 180 credits should be obtained, chosen from modules listed above but including all core modules (C1, C2 and C3 or C4).
  • The Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) requires two years of part time study, for which four modules (120 credits) are required, including the core module, C1, and three optional modules.
  • A Post Graduate Certificate (PGCer) can be completed in one year of part time study requiring two modules (60 credits). The modules can be chosen from the optional modules listed above.


  • How is this Masters taught?

Lecturers come from London to Cairo to deliver each Module’s lectures. One of the main strengths of this program is the number of distinguished lecturers who are among the world’s experts in the field of education. Every module consists of one intensive (3 days) lecturing visit and assigned and suggested readings. Students are assessed based on a paper they are required to write to complete the module.

  •  How will this degree affect my career?

Whether you are an experienced regular classes teacher or want to pursue a career as a SEN teachers, this program will provide broad understanding of research evidence, policy and practice in special and inclusive education.  In addition, you will have an opportunity to gain transferable skills, which could be used effectively in different work contexts. This will enable you to become a skilled and informed member of the teaching faculty.

  • How can I study with all my commitments?

Being a spouse, parent and teacher is tough enough and it might sound impossible to add being a student to your many commitments. As we acknowledge this difficulty, the Masters program is taught on a part-time basis. You study at your own pace and attend 3 days of intensive lecturing every 4 month that runs Wednesday afternoon through Saturday, thus including the weekend.

  • Can I afford the expense?!

One of the major advantages of this program is the fact that students studying in Cairo pay the same fees as a British citizen (foreigners studying in London pay 3 times this fee, in addition to accommodation and travelling expenses).

  • How can I help children with learning difficulties?

Teachers want their students to succeed, but a one-size-fits-all approach to education simply does not work. How we can respond to individual differences is one of the core issues addressed in this program. This knowledge will help you develop better interventions for children and the opportunity to give a voice to the 10% of children in any classroom who have learning difficulties.

  •  I am not teaching children with learning difficulties! Why join?

At present, the mix of students in the regular classroom is quite diverse. Educators are challenged to teach diverse learners, and usually the classroom includes students who struggle to learn for any number of reasons such as; specific learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), emotional or behavioral problems, sensory or physical disabilities, …etc.

  •  I am not living in Egypt. Can I join this Masters?

No as this is a program offered to residence of Egypt only. This is a part-time based study and you have to attend 3 days of intensive lecturing every 4 months to smoothly finish your study.

  • Is this Masters degree accredited?

UCL Institute of Education is ranked #1 in the world in Education according to the QS World University Rankings (Ranked 7th in the world, 3rd in Europe and 1st in London – QS World University Rankings). Awards offered by IOE are recognized worldwide.