You Make The Difference

The YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, Parent-Child Interaction Program (YMTD) is a general education program that encourages positive parent-child interactions. YMTD helps parents learn how to foster and enrich their young child’s social, language and literacy development during every experiences. Some of the many benefits of this program includes:

1. Helps parents recognize the important role they play in their child’s early learning and development.

2. Gives parents specific ways of positively connecting and communicating with their child that they can use during everyday routines and activities so that they can foster and enrich their child’s early development

3. Builds parents’ confidence in their ability to help their child learn

4. Builds parents individual skills and confidence in reaching out and connecting with their community.

5. Raises parents’ awareness of any developmental needs their child may have so that they can be linked with other services to promote early identification and intervention as required.

Lecturer Bio

Dr. Sahar Daoud :

Earned a doctorate degree in Liaison Paediatric Psychiatry for children with special needs from Ain Shams University in December, 2013; previously, she earned an M.Sc. Pediatrics, from Ain Shams University in 2006, and her thesis was published in the Paediatric Journal of Immunology. Presently, she is also taking a Masters Degree in Psychology for Mental Health from Liverpool University, England. Sahar joined the Learning Resource Center in May, 2007 and is currently the head of the Early Intervention Program. She conducts neuro-developmental assessments for children with behavior and/or developmental disorders. Sahar is also certified from Hanen Center in England as a “You Make The Difference“ program leader and she is certified to do Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule -2 assessments from WPS, USA.

Dalia Wagdy :

Graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, Phonetics Department in 1992. Dalia started her career as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) in a number of Nurseries in Alexandria and then in Kuwait, working with children with DownSyndrome for three years. In 2003, Dalia joined the Learning Resource Center and the Advance Society in Cairo, and worked as a Bilingual SLT and Verbal Behaviour Implementer. Since September, 2008, she has been the Coordinator of the Intensive Communication Program (ICP) at the LRC and in September, 2011, Dalia developed an ABA program at the LRC, which she heads. Dalia is also a certified Hanen™ Speech Therapist, and a certified leader for “You Make the Difference” (YMTD) program from the Hanen™ Centre in Canada. Dalia earned her Certification as a Behavior Analyst from Florida Tech, USA and is currently obtaining the board certification from the BACB. Dalia is starting her ABA Masters Degree program in Florida this fall.


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