Sensory and Motor

Occupational Therapy: Addresses difficulty with fine/ gross motor coordination, balance, strength and sensory needs.

Physiotherapy: Addresses difficulty with gross motor coordination, balance, and strength.

Vision Therapy: Following a consultation by a visiting Ophthalmologist/Behavioral Optometrist, demonstrations and follow-up sessions for parents and children can be offered.

Vision Application


Specialized Services Sensory & Motor

Tip of the week

Take Time to Teach


Taking time to train toddlers on "grown up" tasks builds their sense of independence, says Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions. "Identify one new task per week that your child could do with some training. Divide the task into steps and train the child on how to do it -- then make it 'his job.' These tasks may seem simple to us, but they help our kids develop a sense of confidence." For example, younger toddlers can learn how to clean up their play area and put dirty clothes in the hamper, while older kids can help clear the dinner table and make their beds.

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Intensive Learning Coach Course

​The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is glad to announce that registration is currently open for the "Intensive Learning Coach Course", which will run from April 3th, 2017 to May 25th, 2017 at the LRC premises in New Maadi.




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