Early Years Course



In this 28 hour course, we will explore the underlying principles of pre-school education, look at child development and will provide attendees with a wide range of materials to ensure a well planned and rich environment.


The course will comprise of 14 two hour long evening sessions and interactive workshops and parents and teachers will go away with real and practical ideas and planners for future themes and lessons. 


Course Content:


Principles of Early Years’ Education:

What we do and why we do it. What are the needs of the children and how to meet them? What to offer in a good nursery? – Child Development: The physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children from birth to five years of age.


– Parents as Partners:

Children come to school from a wide variety of backgrounds and their experiences affect their education. How to work with parents in the best interest of the children?


– Classroom Management: Layout of a classroom, the reasons for placement of areas, the resources required, and the overall planning of the day as well as the roles staff play.


– Learning Environment:

How children learn and the best environment for that learning to take place.


– Planning:

Long, medium and short term planning is essential to a well run classroom. What should be included in a planner and why?


– Recording:

Observation and recording of the children’s activities is essential for future planning. Simple and practical ways to implement recording and ways to inform parents.


– Difficult Behaviour: 

What are the causes of difficult behaviour & how to manage it in the classroom.


– Play and Toys:

What is the role of play in learning? What are “good” toys? What opportunities should there be for free play and why? What do children learn through play?


– Problem Solving:

Physical, social, emotional & intellectual problems children face & ways they can be guided to solving problems for themselves to become independent learners & communicators.


Teachers & parents (0:7)