Children's Sexual Behavior

All children go through puberty regardless of their level of IQ or social skills. The brain does not tell the body to stop growing if the boy/girl’s developmental level is younger than their age. Like other areas of growth, children’s sexual behavior develops over time, and many behaviors are normal for children at certain ages.


This lecture will address normative sexual behavior and inappropriate sexual exposure as well as inappropriate sexual behavior in children, sexual behavior problems and how to handle them.

Dr. Sahar Daoud:

Earned a doctorate degree in Liaison Paediatric Psychiatry for children with special needs from Ain Shams University in December, 2013; previously, she earned an M.Sc. Pediatrics, from Ain Shams University in 2006, and her thesis was published in the Paediatric Journal of Immunology.
Presently, she is also taking a Masters Degree in Psychology for Mental Health from Liverpool University, England. Sahar joined the Learning Resource Center in May, 2007 and is currently the head of the Early Intervention Program. She conducts neuro-developmental assessments for children with behavior and/or developmental disorders.
Sahar is also certified from Hanen Center in England as a “You Make The Difference“ program leader and she is certified to do Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule -2 assessments from WPS, USA.


Teachers & parents (2-8)

Sexual Behaviour SI