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LRC Service Procedure | Learning Resource Center

About LRC

LRC Service Procedure

Thank you for the interest in the LRC services. Our goal is to provide high quality services beneficial to the children and their families, and to collaborate with other professionals.

Payment Procedures

The LRC Services’ Charges reflect the time and effort spent by LRC Specialists in planning and following-up on assessments and therapies as well as the time directly spent with the child. The LRC Services’ Charges List is announced at the beginning of each academic year.

Accepting Set Charges

The LRC Services’ Charges are set and cannot be reconsidered.  Kindly review all charges carefully and ask for clarifications if needed, before services are initiated, to avoid any awkward situations.

Payment Schedule

All charges MUST be paid in advance as services are scheduled with specialists. Assessment reports will only be written upon receipt of full payments. Payments are accepted in cash, or by check, or via Visa Cards but with an extra charge of 3%.

Past Due Balance

Any balance past due by more than 1 week shall be a LE200 book-keeping and processing fee.

Assessments’ Charges

All assessment charges are based on the type of service that is being offered.  The charges are inclusive of a comprehensive report with recommendations, as well as a feedback session with the Assessor(s).

Screenings’ Charges

All screening charges are inclusive of a one page report with recommendations for services, as well as a feedback session with the Assessor(s).

Therapies’ Charges

With the exception of the hour long remedial tutoring session, all LRC sessions are 40 minutes of direct contact. Therapy schedules are given to the parents, a copy is kept with the expert and a second copy is kept at LRC Front Office for follow-up.  A minimum attendance of 70% is required to continue receiving services from any of the LRC departments.

Charges’ Packages

Therapy packages are offered at a discounted rate, but should be used within the agreed on period only. Make-ups usually cannot be provided, due to scheduling constraints.

Missed Appointments

Appointments are to be regarded as a contract for the exclusive use of the therapist’s time. Parents will be charged the full session rate when an appointment is missed without prior notice (NO SHOW). Please call to cancel if your child has had a fever or other contagious condition to avoid exposing the specialist and other children to the illness.  In any event, all cancellations should be done at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make it.

Resolving Conflicts

If parents are experiencing any conflicts, they may wish to schedule an appointment with the Head of Department, and, if not resolved, they can ask to make an appointment with the Managing Director.


Parents may request their child’s therapist to set aside time during or after the treatment to discuss any concerns or questions they may have. For longer discussions, parents need to schedule a meeting in order not to take from time allocated for other scheduled appointments.

Telephone Consultations

Please note that telephones’ consultations are pro-rated at LE200/50 minutes, and will be charged for conversations exceeding 5 minutes.

Right to Refuse or Discontinue Services

Our interpretation, recommendations, and treatment plans are partially based on the history and information that you provide us. If information about your child’s medical or educational history, interventions, and needs are withheld, altered, or omitted, we reserve the right to terminate the services. Services may also be refused or discontinued due to non-payment, aggressive behavior, poor attendance, lack of cooperation or if we feel we cannot provide appropriate services to ensure your child’s progress.