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About LRC | Learning Resource Center
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About Learning Resource Center LRC:


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) was chartered September 1996, and since then, has been providing diagnostic and consultative services for children of all ages who have a broad range of learning difficulties, developmental disorders and/or behavior problems. We provide assessments, consultations, specialized therapies, and in-service training for schools, teachers and parents.


Children’s needs in learning and development are understood and supported throughout.


Support the learning and development of children who are faced with specific learning, developmental, and behavioral problems, by providing:
A multidisciplinary setting for state of the art assessment and interventions for children (birth through the end of schooling).
Support, education and training for parents and the providers of services to children in the community General information to parents, schools and the community at large on the development and education of children, particularly those with special needs.

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