Teaching Children With Autism

Free Awareness Seminar


Basic propositions about the nature of autism have not changed but fortunately, intervention services have. Educational treatment remains for most children with autism the most effective approach available. There is virtually no disagreement about the value of early educational interventions for children with autism. However, there is no consensus among professionals on a specific one.


The purpose of this seminar is to develop familiarity with a variety of topics that relate to the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD’s). Issues related to available approaches in teaching children with autism include ABA\VB.  Developmental Model: RDI, DIR & Floortime; Structured Teaching: TEACCH; speech and language therapy; occupational therapy and sensory Integrations exercises; and social skills therapy have some effectiveness in children with autism. However, intensive ABA treatment has demonstrated effectiveness in enhancing global functioning in preschool children, and it is well established for improving the intellectual performance of young children with autism.


The seminar is designed for all educators, special educators, therapists, social workers, psychologists, physicians, teachers, parents, academics, researchers, professionals,
students, and others interested in education

Dr. Chafica Mansour Gharbieh holds a doctorate degree in Education from the UK specializing in autism, behavioral analysis, and language. With over 19 years experience of working with children with autism and learning difficulties, Dr. Gharbieh also holds degrees in verbal behaviour, communication using Makaton sign language and the method of sharing pictures exchange communication system ( PECS ), auditory integration training using “The Listening Program” (TLP), and also physical therapy based on Chinese medicine, “Kinesiology.” She is also the president and founder of the Autism Learning Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ALI for ABA) in Lebanon, and the Clinical Director of The Diagnostic Lebanese Centre for Training, Communication & Behaviour Development. Dr. Gharbieh served as President of the Hopeful British Institution for the Education of Children with the Autism Spectrum Disorder in the UK.


Dr. Gharbieh is the President of the Educational and Training Committee for Arab Network for Autism. She is a consultant for Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, conducting workshops and seminars for them in the United Arabs Emirates. Dr. Gharbieh is a consultant at SENAD Group UK providing training for professionals at Supreme Education Council SEC Qatar. She also works as a lecturer and consultant in education and behavioral analysis and linguistic diversity.


Dr. Gharbieh is a member at The Cambridge Centre for Behavioural Studies.